How do I tidy up links inserted

(Bernard Horsford) #1

I have various links on my website and they look very messy, I really need the click here rather than the link showing on the web page. Is this possible and if so how is it done?

(Doug Bennett) #2

Click here is terrible for both SEO and UX. The same thing for any “generic Phrase” like Read more, Here, check this out, etc.
That being said you also don’t want a horrible looking web address. Ideally, you would want to use a short descriptive phrase, which hopefully would contain a search keyword or two.

The page you gave as an example appears to be styled text. To set a link in styled text first highlight the phrase you want to become the link. then select the link button at the bottom:

then the link box will appear, enter the address in the url field and a title:

(Bernard Horsford) #3

Thanks but still cannot follow this, I have the link next to the URL box and this shows just above the open the window box. Next to the title bout under the value heading I have put what the thing being downloaded is called.
This in this example dyslexia screening test. However this does the link still on the page. I can see you have pointed to the link icon am I supposed to do something with this as I cannot follow what you are trying to say? title box

(Bernard Horsford) #4

Is there a utube video on how do to do this?

(Doug Bennett) #5

I think from your other post, your using RW 5? I never used 5, started with 6 and the screen shots are from 7.

(Bernard Horsford) #6

I am using 5.3.2 its a pain because I cannot find any designers who know how you use it and there are not clear instructions or videos on line to dead wtih problems like this and no telephone support. I am thinking of switching to Wordpress or something that so that other people can work on the website too.

(Bernard Horsford) #7

It looks the same from what you have shown but I just cannot follow your instructions

(Doug Bennett) #8
  1. Highlight the text you want to appear on the page and become the link
  2. With the text highlighted select the link button at the bottom
  3. That should pop up the link pop-up, enter the web address(Where you want to to go when clicked) in the URL field
  4. Optionally add a value to the title field (will appear when moused over)
  5. press the Set Link Button

The text should now be a link.

(Bernard Horsford) #9

Okay so the text on the page is the link, do you mean I should of done it this way as it has been formatted the wrong way around.

(1) Put some text one the page such as download dyslexia tests here.
(2) Then copied the link/URL pasted this into the URL box
(3) then I have put a value in such as the title
(4) the pressed set link and this seems to work

I think the problem was that the links were pasted onto the web page self

I only need to find out if this old theme will work in Rapid Weaver 7 and whether I can simply import the changes

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