Page won't go into to edit mode (Rapidweaver 7.5.5

In the page menu on the left side of the Rapidweaver interface one of the pages in a fourteen page website made up completely of Stacks pages has an arrow in a circle beside it instead of the Stacks logo. This particular page will not display in edit mode (only as a Preview).

A seperate issue is that on other pages in the site whole blocks of text have become active - underlined - as if they are links. I cannot make them inactive.

Can anyone shed any light on either or both of these problems.

Sounds like the page is an offsite page:


The only thing you can change is the URL (the address of the page being displayed).


As for the underlined issue would need more information to help.
A URL would be most helpful.

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Doug, very good of you to look at this. Could I have inadvertently made this an offsite page? It has until today when I opened it for the first time in Rapidweaver 7, been a Stacks page.

Here is the site url

Here is the url for the page which has the arrow next to it in Rapidweaver -

Hello again Doug,
I think I have figured it out. For some reason I had created an offsite page which referred to another sub-page in the same site. Can’t think yet why I did that but perhaps there was a good reason at the time. I haven’t updated this project for over a year!

The issue with blocks of text being highlighted is I suspect to do with some sort of conflict between various stacks on the page. I have notice the same problem in other sites I have created. I may be using a bad combination of stacks.

Thank you for pointing out the offsite page.
Best wishes.

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I have looked into some other projects and it seems the odd ‘active’ behaviour of text blocks is caused by the Doobox stack Smart Image. I use this stack for all my warehoused images. I will inform the developer of that stack - perhaps he will be able to advise.

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