Editing a default Master Style (Sharp)

I am using the Sharp theme because I like its simplicity and crisness, but I do not like the black and white colour scheme and want to edit the black colour to something else. I cannot see a way of doing this and have looked at the FAQ and online info without success. Can anyone here point me in the direction of the info I need please?

many thanks

Not familiar with that theme. If you’ve looked through the documentation and faq’s and can’t find an answer, then you may have to use custom CSS to change those styles.
It’s always easier for people to help you out with CSS if you give an URL to a published page, even if it’s a simple test page.

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Thanks for your response Doug. Sharp is one of the inbuilt themes that is delivered within RW 7. I was hoping to find a simple way of just changing the colour in a menu pick but if its a CSS solution I will need to learn how to write CSS code and then apply it to the inbuilt theme :slight_smile:

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Sharp is a “Classic” RW theme and doesn’t look like it’s mobile friendly (responsive). Personally, I wouldn’t use a non-resposive theme in this mobile age.


In the RapidWeaver preferences you can select “Hide Classic Themes”. Most, if not all, of them aren’t responsive and should be avoided unless you specifically want a non mobile friendly site.

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As @NeilUK pointed out it’s not a responsive theme, and I have the option selected not to show those, that’s why I didn’t recognize it. You don’t have to learn CSS, people here can help you out, but it’s always easier if you provide them a URL to work with. They can inspect your live page and give you some CSS to try without having to duplicate your theme.

Doug my website using the Sharp theme can be found at www.s-bay.co.uk. I did not realise Sharp was not RWD and definitely want a responsive theme so will need to review those available in RW7 to determine which one comes close to the minimalist layout I prefer

What black are you talking about, the background in the banner the text color, or menu items?
I might suggest you look at some of @willwood themes, All of his Themes have free demo versions to try out.


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