Fontsize and color changes in main content area

Can somebody point me to a good resource that explains how to modify a default theme in RW6? I am particularly having difficulties with figuring out how to specify type choices in the main content area on Style pages. Am using the Elite theme.

Terry O’Keefe


(As you probably know) a RW Theme is a collection of style settings, variations on Cascading StyleSheets (CSS). And you’re right to suppose that they can be edited. But always work from a duplicate.

To duplicate a Theme:
open a new Project
make sure that the Themes drawer at the bottom of the main window is displayed (the Themes button at the top toggles this on and off)
single click on the icon of the default (bundled) Theme which you want to modify (Elite)
right- (or control-) click on it
select ‘Duplicate Theme’
give it a meaningful name such as ’ Elite_Cereals_Site’ (I usually begin such a (new) name with a space… that will put it at the front/head of your Themes display)
click ‘OK’
now you’ll see the newly-duplcated Theme in the drawer
single click to make sure that your project is going to wok with the duplicate

Once you’ve Duplicated your chosen Theme (Elite) inside RapidWeaver 6 - you can edit it as this page shows

I found these pages which show the basics (you may have to update for RW6):

Good luck!

Hi Mark -

Thanks for the quick response, and pointing me to some resources.

I guess I am a little confused. I was under the impression that I could use Master Styles to accomplish the changes I am looking for, which mostly have to do with font sizes and colors. I have ben able tomake a couple of changes successfully - changing the color of the page background and the name and slogan. I also opened a blog page and was successful in changing the font color.

So far so good. But now I can’t seem to find a way to change font colors and sizes in the main content window of say a Styles page. Then I would like to have those changes saved in the new Master Style that I created and named

Is this an area you know something about?

Thanks for your patience,


Happy to try and help when I can :smile:

You can change a DUPLICATE theme in one (or both) of two ways:

• change properties in the Default Style
• make a new Style - inevitably based on the Default (starts as a replica of it); and apply the new Style (with the modifications of settings which you’ve made) to pages as needed

In all cases there are (at least) two (main) ways that such changes can be made (to either Theme Default, or your created Style):

1 - In the Styles properties (Configure (left hand spanner/wrench, top left of main RW page > Master Style (4th setting down) ), and
2 - by applying custom CSS in those cases where a property which you want to change isn’t specifically listed in the Theme’s changeable settings

Let us know how you get on and good luck!

I used to modify themes by actually modifying the base files of a copy of the theme but I don’t think it’s a good way to go. What happens when the theme is updated? You have to do the same all over again to take advantage of any improvements. If you simply add css by pressing the Configure button (the spanner), selecting Code and adding it to the css space, you will avoid all this. You may need to add !important before the semicolon of each element you eneter here to make sure it over-rides the them default. These changes only affect this specific project.


I hope someone will correct me here if I’m wrong: the changes (to CSS) are kept in the Project file, not the Theme - meaning that updates to the Theme will not overwrite customization made in/to any one Project.

Configure (spanner) > CSS I use for anything that overwrites or extends (but does not legitimately set) the basic Theme’s styles.

Often just the right way to do things.

But editing/adjusting the basic Theme’s style properties I believe can quite safely be done in the settings you’ll find at the far right of the Master Style window.

Maybe, Terry, you’ll expand on exactly what you need to do - and we can advise on what should go where?

Yes, you’re right. I think I misread this discussion this morning. Sorry!

No prob! Thanks, Peter: both ways have their advantages, don’t they…