Editing a website built by someone else

Hi Weavers,

We have a client who has a static HTML website that was built in Dreamweaver. I know that there is no way to import and edit this static HTML site with RW…is there any other apps (besides Dreamweaver) that are able to import their current website so that we can edit it?

I know it’s a longshot, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has ever encountered this problem before.

You got three choices.

  1. If you have some coding skills, you can open files in a dedicated text editor like Coda, BBEdit or TextWrangler to add, delete or edit the existing material. But this means that you would have to stay with this method forever.
  2. Or, you could subscribe to Adobe’s cloud services and use Dreamweaver (certainly not something I would choose).
  3. If I were you, I would bite the bullet and recreate the whole site in RapidWaver from scratch. In the long run, this method is easiest – in my opinion.

More experienced members of this forum may want to propose a different approach…

There is a popular plugin for WordPress that does -

Just found this! Does Pulse allow me to edit an existing website? https://www.pulsecms.com/add-any-site/



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@yuzool Here’s the website that we want to make editable: http://churchschicken.ca

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I think Pulse offers a way to edit the content not change the structure, design and so forth.

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Thanks Garth @garth

As @robbeattie kindly mentioned, yes it’s possible to edit an existing site. The content. As I see from that example it’s a hand coded site? It will work.

As this isn’t really a RapidWeaver question I’d rather not go into too much detail here (Pulse forums it would work: https://forum.pulsecms.com) but yes if you inherit a website made by another designer you can setup Pulse to edit the content and add new pages.

But to change the design you’ll need to either play with the CSS stylesheets by hand or if you don’t fancy that, re work it from scratch in say RapidWeaver and use the Pulse stacks to make those parts editable.

Ok, thanks for the input everyone! Will check out those options and see which one works best :slight_smile:

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Hi Garth,
I checked out your link - site looks good to me! Strong layout, responsive design and only a handful of pages. Not sure just what it is you’re wanting to edit, but if it’s just the content of the existing pages, you could easily do it using server side includes.

Thanks @bobafifi, will check it out!

+1 for Church’s chicken! :joy:

Amen to that @Aaron ! I drool every time I look at the website!!

Hmmm, when I first read that it came out as ‘here’s the website that I want to make edible…’


Coffeecup is a GREAT HTML Editor. I have used it for several years now . . .

Under $30.00

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FWIW, I use Flux. Costs $100, tho.

In Flux, can I import a static HTML website that was built with Dreamweaver?

If you want to zip it up and send it to me, I’ll give it a go and report


On their website, I found this from the developer:

"Yes, absolutely, Flux can edit pretty much any HTML/CSS website.

You can edit it directly on FTP/SFTP, check out page 93 of the manual

Or, you can download the site to a local disk, and simply drag the
folder to the Flux icon"


Thanks @tvalleau! I found out that one of my co-workers is actually able to open it with Dreamweaver, so that is all taken care of for now.

But it’s good to know that Flux can edit other websites too! Will keep that in mind if I ever need it

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