El Capitan with RW6

I installed the final beta of El Capitan last week and it all seems to be working well with my various apps tested so far. For those used to Yosemite it will feel very similar indeed and the only real difference I can see is an overall speed bump.

In regard to RW6 it seems a little slower opening now but I have yet to upload any updates since installing El Capitan. Are there any known bugs or issues we should be aware of? My site was launched last week and receiving a lot of traffic now, so I can’t afford any major glitches. I’m using RW 6.3.4, Stacks 3 and the latest version of Foundation.

We’re not aware of any issues, and if any issues appear we’ll obviously issue an update to RW6. However if you’re in a position where you can’t afford for major glitches, I’d recommend not installing a beta OS :wink:

I haven’t noticed any issues with performance, however the makeup and plugin usage of every project is different. If you have a stock-plugin-only project that is showing performance issues please drop us a note!


Normally I would have waited before installing an OS update but Yosemite has been running like a dog lately for some reason and I am glad to see that El Capitan generally feels a lot smoother.

The book has been released and I thought the site was 100% done, however some fresh marketing emerged this morning and I wanted to reflect that on the site with a minor update. I think I’ll test it on Mamp first and then update if it all seems OK.

Regarding the startup speed it’s not a dramatic difference. I just noticed that it takes a few more seconds than before after clicking on RW in the dock. I haven’t actually done any serious web work since installing El Capitan though.

I made some changes and so far it seems OK. One nice feature in the new version of Safari is the improved responsive design preview mode as featured here. I wondered if this could be leveraged inside RW.


This is a Safari feature, not a WebKit feature so we can’t simply request OS X show this view for us…


An effective way to speed Yosemite when it became slow is to delete the Finder preferences file:

Obviously after the restart it will need to recreate all the customizations of the finder (view, icons in the top bar…).

I had to delete the finder preferences every day. Yosemite was fine at the start but for the last few months it was a pain.

I have found that in the project window the icon from changed projects under El Capitan shows a white icon.