El Capitan and RW 6.3.7 - what's the concensus?

I want to upgrade from Yosemite but checking back through different threads it seems there were one or two problems?

What’s the experience been like? Obviously I’ll back up first but does everything work OK when you come out the other end?



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I have no problems with this combination

I’ve been using SuperDuper for years and would certainly recommend it. Haven’t had any problems with RW 6.3.7 and el Capitan.

Why 6.3.7 out of interest? I am using 6.3.4 with El Capitan and am reluctant to go any higher until I see an advantage or no issues being reported.

Just because that’s what I’m running. Or was until I got fed up of the nagging and went up to 6.3.8 this morning.

I’m a cautious soul and all the RW5-6 hideousness has made me even more so. However, there’s a piece of software I’d like to be able to run and it’s El Cap only (typically the software itself costs a tenner!) and anyway I think it’s not a bad idea to have everything up to date for when RW7 drops.