Elavon payment service

Has anyone ever used Elavon as a payment processor? I had a potential client mention it but I hadn’t heard of it before.

I just found a set of stacks that will integrate with Elavon. They’re called, “Mal’s eCommerce Stacks” and they’re sold by Yuzoolthemes. Before I plunk down my $29.95, however, I want to find out more about them. I don’t want to spend hours and hours at my desk, screaming and tearing my hair out just because it “says” it will work.

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The Stacks use the Mal’s cart so if you can add the processor to your Mal’s account, then it will work :slight_smile:

That said, Elavon doesn’t seem to be supported?!

The Yuzoolthemes site says that their stacks work with Elavon. Mal’s shopping cart software that interfaces with those stacks doesn’t support Elavon. I think I going to pass on this project.

:man_shrugging: I don’t remember adding that to the page… Can you let me know @Adiantum where it says that? Thanks

Mal’s may have stopped supporting it
But this is the definitive list that will work with the Stack:

Here’s the page I was referring to:

I persuaded the client to go with Ecwid after seeing that the Evalon developer site said that it would take 2-12 weeks to implement their product for his needs (Home page | Developer Portal). It took me a couple of hours with Ecwid and I forgot that I’d even posted about Evalon.