E-commerce using Payment Sense

I have a client that has decided to move to Payment Sense for card transactions (in shop) and now wants to add some online shopping to their site. I have only added paypal e-commerce directly into Rapidweaver projects and wondering if anyone has experience of Payment Sense. It is possible to integrate using the Mals e-commerce stack from Yuzool Themes. However, this requires a premium Mal’s account - adding another layer of monthly cost - albeit a fairly small one.

Any advice welcome

Hi, i’m in the same boat. Did you receive an answer to this one. Thanks, Phil.

No replies I’m afraid. Only solution I came up with was the Mal’s Commerce stack from Yuzool because Mals e-commerce supports Payment Sense. You have to use the paid version of Mal’s which is about $8 pm I think.

Now taken a different route and going to use Stripe Checkout combined with a Formloom form for online transactions and my client can stick with Payment Sense in store. It’s a more roundabout route but we need lots of options which the form caters for very easily.