Elements, Atoms, Components, and Globals, Oh my!

Hey Weavers,

If you’ve been paying attention you might notice we’ve not had a dev diary video these past two weeks, sorry about that. WWDC took our focus the first week, and this week I’ve been away in Wales. However, I’m back now and ready to dive back into things. We’ll be back to our weekly dev diary video schedule next week!

I wanted to give you a little update on what we’re currently thinking about app and addon naming. First up, the app name…

RapidWeaver Elements

While the app is officially called “RapidWeaver Elements”, a lot of people seem to just call it “Elements” — ourselves included. We’ll be renaming the app in the Finder to just “Elements”, this will also carry over to a lot of the marketing we have planned. We love this simple name and it seems you guys do too :+1:

So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about “Addon” naming…

We found ourselves getting into a position where the app was called “Elements” and the addons were also called “Elements” — this just seems silly and confusing, it’s something that can easily be avoided as we’ve not yet launched… So after many ongoing discussions, we’re going to loosely base the naming on existing design system languages used by professional web developers :sweat_smile:


Atoms represent the most basic elements of a webpage, they are at the foundation of your page design. They include things like, containers, grids, headings, text, and buttons. These are generally singular items.


Components are pre-built sections and layouts, each with their own unique set of features. They include things like, navigation, footer, layouts, and galleries. They are often more layout based, and are usually built to do one specific thing. We expect most third-party addons will be Components.


Globals are user created groups of atoms and/or components. Globals will help maintain a consistent design language across your entire site.

Sounds good, right?

For those following closely along with Elements, this should all make sense. But if you’re a little unsure, don’t worry. I’ll be going through this (and more) in next weeks dev diary.

Hopefully you’re onboard with the naming changes. We’re keen to hear your thoughts on it either way.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you in next weeks dev diary!

Dan & Team Realmac


That’s done! Logical and simple. Thanks for being flexible with all this. In time it will be like a second language. :smiley:

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Thanks @Flash that’s good to hear :smiling_face:

I really like the app name change. :+1:

Atoms (even in the webdev community) I’m kinda meh on as it forces a convoluted metaphor onto an existing and similar metaphor that isn’t necessary (aka: HTML elements). It also feels a bit dated.

Components is good, but I’m still not sold on Globals as even your mock-up looks like a template with a web link (or language selection toggle), ie the globe icon. :man_shrugging:

Also removing all mention of elements from the product, but calling the product Elements sort of calls into question why? What elements are you speaking of?

If Elements are the basic building blocks within the app (that can then be combined into components and globals/templates) then the use of Elements as the name makes perfect sense. Otherwise, why not call the app ‘Atomic’ or ‘Reactor’?

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The three things that he mentioned are the elements.

Well, I for one, when creating for 'Elements, for simplicity - originally thinking something like ‘eSomeName’ so it can be differentiated from a stack. Could call it ‘aSomeName’ as well for ‘atom’, I guess. FYI - I think what most devs build (stack) is what you are calling an ‘atom’.


I think it’ll be a mixture, but I anticipate more devs will build and ship Components to address users very specific needs.

This is another reason why we need to get this thing shipped… It’s all talk until the app actually ships :rofl:

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@dan Hi, excellent. :+1: But just a little contribution here if it helps: with Elements why not use Earth-Water-Fire-Air since we already have an avatar? I know I won’t grow anymore and I got stuck around 7-8 years old, not bad after all :crazy_face:

Everyone might get a little confused if the components were named like that. For example our written manual would read something like this…

Build your website by dragging and dropping earth, wind, fire and water onto the page. Don’t worry if the page starts looking too hot, you just need to add in a little more water. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think it’s best we stick with Atoms, Components, and Globals for now :wink:

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Yes but it works in September if you remember the time :notes:

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21 as day

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@dan lets assume I am writing a long article. The article has a single <h1> tag plus several <h2> and <h3> tags with <p> tags obviously filling in the body. Will I need to set the attributes for each of these tags separately or can I set even these smaller Atoms “globally?”

Huh, how do I avoiding confusing global with Globals? Well, you know what I mean.

Calling those elements Earth, Wind and Fire, would Open Our Eyes, but would require Devotion.

All 'n All, one could Raise the question if all this can be done in September, before the Powerlight goes out in this Electric Universe.

I guess That’s The Way of The World. Perhaps Another Time.


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I think the naming is taking good shape and the way you have ‘categorised’ it now is really great!

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Awww, thanks so much!

@dan , how does this work?

@Flash Hmmm, I’m not 100% sure I understand… Do you mean if you setup a layout and turned it into a global?

For example, each one of these tags could be an Atom wrapped up in a reusable Global.

<p>Some text<p/>
<h2>Another heading</h2>
<p>Some more text<p/>

Like this I guess:

Let me know if that’s right or if you meant something else :joy:

@dan ok I see. I miss understood the work flow.

I was thinking old school. In some ways “old” is still better or faster. My thought was pour in some text. Then highlight a line of text, then right click and apply a heading or appropriate class style reserved for that element.

Does that make sense?

@dan, on a project by project basis can we preset styles for all Atom level elements?

I like this new names, they make sense. They are easy to understand. I think just “Elements” as the app name is perfect!

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