ELITE, a new clean and elegant theme

I’ve made a new responsive theme.
ELITE is a very fast loading clean and elegant theme with a very nice dropdown menu and a lot of options.


You can use your own images in the banner, but built-in are already 7 images.

This the PREVIEW site
Download a free trial version of the theme in my store.

When you like this theme you can get a $4 launch special when you enter the code HVELITE2015 in the shopping cart window and hit the update cart button (valid until 25 August 2015). Go to my store.

Henk Vrieselaar

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Hi Henk, just downloaded the new Elite theme and again you made a very nice, simple to use and stabile Rapidweaver. Good job and I am impressed by all the theme options. Thats always nice to see in all your themes.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a prerelease version and I must say: it is another great theme by Henk. It’s not just clean and elegant, but first of all very versatile, suitable for many different sorts of sites. Dutch design rules!

To add even more to the versatility, I developed a Stack especially for this theme: the EliteHack Stack. It allows you to transform the submenu items of Henk Vrieselaar’s Elite theme into tooltips that provide additional information about the menu item. You can read all about the EliteHack Stack on the product page and see it in action on the demo site.

The theme look really good.

I really like that allow 3 sublevel on the menue.
I wonder if it allow to diplay on desktop menu with at lease frist sub level? I found very few themes that have this as an option.
Well it would be greta if it does the same on mobile

All sublevels display well on desktop, iPad and smartphone.


This is as always a very nice theme and friendly to use. So although my sites are on a rather ‘back burner stand’ I gave a new look to a 5 years old site and the site has been refreshed with this Elite theme as the owner has also a total refreshed shop by now.
So a number of stacks had to be replaced since they were no longer supported or even working.
The theme update went rather smooth and only one small problem accured when creating and posting a movie [page](http://www.chocolateriedegroote.be/KWALITEIT/HOLLE figures) I would rather see this movie through a pop up in the Centre of the window as it was before with one of Mauricio’s stacks.
What is also or even more disturbing, is that when the movie is done YouTube shows up new movie tumbs on a final screen which have nothing to do with the specific site. Is there a way to avoide this?
I know that this has nothing to do with this theme but if someone would have the solution I would be glad to fix that issue.

Take a look at this topic:

That might solve your last problem.


Hi Menno, thx a lot, seems to be indeed the answer. I’ll fix that later on. Have a nice day !