50% off to all themes and styles!

In November I’m 10 years on the RapidWeaver forums. Just like in years past, I’m having a huge anniversary sale to mark the event: I’m offering 50% off to all themes and styles.
This offer is only valid for a few days: from 1 until 3 November 2015!

Use the following discount code in my shop during checkout: ANNIVERSARY2015

Cheers, Henk


Used this to buy Note Pad. Thanks! Very happy with it! pixelbible.co.uk

I own one or two of Henk’s themes and they’re excellent. So if you’re looking for good, clean themes, check out Stripped and Elite.

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Henk’s customer support is also excellent. He has long been a very active supporter of these forums - and is quick to answer questions about his themes. I, too, have several of his themes - all of which are not only beautiful and functional, but rock-solid as well. I chose his Elite theme for this site - and the client is very, very happy with it.

Hey, I posted in here to say that I had purchased Note Pad from Henk and gave the link to the site so people could see a real world example of the theme. My post has been deleted and I have no notification as to why?

@nikf Why are the RW forums being censored? Was my post not appropriate? If not, could you please do me the courtesy of telling me why.

I’ve seen people complaining about posts being deleted before but didn’t actually think it was happening. That sucks.

Great themes from Henk and a great discount. I advise anyone to take advantage of this offer. Just don’t post about it here…

@nikf Hey Nik- just wondering if some people’s posts are auto-deleted? As I was reading a follow up post to mine (I didn’t recognize the author), it disappeared. Ironically, the writer was stating that a) he/she likes Henk’s themes too, and; b) that his/her earlier post had been deleted. Literally, as I was reading the post, it disappeared. –

User error - or are some posts auto-deleted??




It was me. My initial post was deleted and my last post was deleted, apparently, due to Askimet. =(
Definitely not user error!



In fact, my last post was deleted too. @dan @nikf All of my posts are being removed my Askimet. Help!

Hello @doone128

Your post was flaged as spam and I was too fast to confirm this. Ecxuse please.
Now, all of your posts are here again.

Thanks @Oscar I’m glad we got to the bottom of this mystery!

Also @henkvrieselaar wow, has it really been ten years?! This blows my mind!

Thanks Oscar.

Not being able to post anything was immensely frustrating!

Anyway, back to the topic. Everyone should take advantage of Henk’s offer. He’s got some lovely themes and 50% off is an absolute steal.

Now it’s here again :wink:
Please apologize again.

Glad to find out what was causing the issue. I believe @nikf has a policy of not removing posts (unless offensive), so I was truly stumped when I watched Neil’s disappear before my eyes.

I’d like to also reiterate what I stated above - Henk is a first-class gentleman and Rw theme developer. If you’re in the market for a new theme, you absolutely can’t do better then picking up one or more of his- especially at half price!



WOW, thanks all for these nice comments :blush:

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I remember, I was there :smile:
my compliments


@MultiThemes Yes, a long time ago, the good old days :smile:
I started then with RW3…

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@henkvrieselaar We talked about you on the podcast this week - episode out tomorrow :wink:

10 years!? Yes, I am here also since 10 years, since RapidWeaver 3. It was/is a good time.
Many developers have come and are gone away. Not Henk.
Thank you, Henk, for your super themes and super support :wink:

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@dan Much appreciated, Dan :smile: I’m very curious…

@Oscar Thanks Oscar… and also Congratulations

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3.6 was the first version I bought. In fact, I liked the look of RW so much that I had to buy a Macbook to run it!

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