Verd, the new theme by Rapid Ideas: Clean - Simple - Beautiful

We like clean and simple themes and so we we built Verd - a very stylish, modern, responsive theme that simply works.
Even Verd is a simple theme it gives you a lot of options to adjust the design, including 17 customizable colors and 25 web fonts to choose from. There are also many features working for you behind the scenes like HTML5 drag and drop media handling and the included lightbox and Font Awesome.

###The Features in short

  • RapidWeaver 7 Theme, including the new Banner Image option
  • A classic, clean design
  • Fluid and Responsive Layout
  • Colors, colors, colors: 17 of them for all parts of the layout.
  • Extra Content for the Banner - automatically vertically centered
  • Font Awesome included for placing your own icons.
  • Drag and Drop any media (audio, video) in your RW page and let the theme create a HTML5 media player automatically.
  • Based on the kube framework which adds some more options to design content. *
  • Social Buttons in the footer
  • Lightbox included (+ automatically rendered for photo album pages)
  • CSS3 font-face feature including 25 astonishing fonts that work cross browser. Choose from them independently for the titles and the main text.
  • Subtle CSS3 Animations at many spots

You can preview the theme here: