Elixir Feather Theme: Move menu to top of screen instead of bottom on mobile devices?

Hello–In Elixir’s Feather Theme Is there a way to move the menu from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen on a mobile device such as an iphone or android. so the three lines of a menu are seen in the top left corner and then a dropdown menu occurs if you tap on it. Thanks. A preview of Feather is here. https://elixirgraphics.com/previews/Feather/

Unless there’s an option to do this in the theme’s settings, I suspect you’re on your own. I’m sure it’s possible but think you may really need to know your way around coding to ensure you can move the menu without breaking anything else.

I’m pretty sure that @Elixir doesn’t encourage - or support - heavy mods to his themes.

May be worth asking though, if it’s really important to you.


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@robbeattie is definitely right, as usual. It would take reworking a good portion of the theme internally to make possible what you’re looking to do. Sorry.