Need help with Foundation menu

I am stuck with my first trial to build a site using foundation. I have attached a design draft of what I want: a centered logo at the top, a centered navigation below that with a drop-down submenu on some pages. I am particularly struggling with the styling of the navigation in mobile view: there seems to be no other option than the right-floating position of the mobile menu. For my design this looks really ugly - I would like to have a dropdown menu centered below the logo in mobile view, maybe even full-width.
Is there any way to achieve this?

I think a easy way could be a new menu only for mobile devises. At the Foundation Stack Info Panel>Responsive you can hide each stack for Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. Create special menu for your mobile device and hide it for tablet and desktop. Your menu design for Desktop and Tablet hide for Mobile - that should work…

I would be much easier to describe this in german for you, but Realmac had closed that forum :frowning:

Wolf is right. I sometimes create different navigations for mobile and desktop - so I have perfect working navigations on the respective device. In the beginning I used the Foundation’s own Visibility-stack for hiding but now I use the options in the Info panel. It’s not really responsive but it works.