Menu in Foundation

(Steven ) #1

I’m new in working with Foundation. I use de inline nav stack for creating the menu. I want to use it just for desktop and tablet. Is it possible to create a hamburer menu for mobil devices? And how can i do this?


(Doug Bennett) #2

I would suggest you start here:

The video and page explain alot of the flex-navigation options in foundation.

(Steven ) #3

Thanks for your answer. I have seen this video, still i dont understand how to place a hamburger menu which only is being seen on mobile devices.


(scott williams) #4

why not use topbar? that gives you the hamburger menu automatically

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #5

You can also use Off Canvas.

(Steven ) #6

I have thought about using topbar. Still when I insert al logo its verry small on the topbar. I want to have a larger logo then one that fits into the menu bar.
When you see this website:
Is this done with topbar?

Thanks for your time to answer.


(scott williams) #7

yup, thats top bar according to inspector in safari They have the height set to 100 px

(Steven ) #8

Thank you for your help. I’m using the topbar.