Menu in Foundation

I’m new in working with Foundation. I use de inline nav stack for creating the menu. I want to use it just for desktop and tablet. Is it possible to create a hamburer menu for mobil devices? And how can i do this?


I would suggest you start here:

The video and page explain alot of the flex-navigation options in foundation.

Thanks for your answer. I have seen this video, still i dont understand how to place a hamburger menu which only is being seen on mobile devices.


why not use topbar? that gives you the hamburger menu automatically

You can also use Off Canvas.

I have thought about using topbar. Still when I insert al logo its verry small on the topbar. I want to have a larger logo then one that fits into the menu bar.
When you see this website:
Is this done with topbar?

Thanks for your time to answer.


yup, thats top bar according to inspector in safari They have the height set to 100 px

Thank you for your help. I’m using the topbar.