Email form intermittently working

A colleague has built a charity festival website and has added a form to get volunteers to fill in. This form should then be emailed to me to action. Unfortunately this is not working properly. I have received a few forms but positive some have not arrived including test ones that I have filled in, about 6 now.

I approached those that did come through to ask what device and browser they used. It seems it works for iPhone and iPad. It also worked for my wife using her Kindle and Silk. I have tried with my Windows 8 laptop using Firefox, Chrome and IE, none worked. I tried my Android phone and the installed browser and it did not work.

The receiving email address is a gmail account and I have check that nothing has gone to spam.

So as you can see this is intermittent depending on something but no idea what.

Can anyone suggest where to look to sort this? If it is of any help the website page is VOLUNTEER

Thank you

Hmm, that sounds like a very odd issue…

How are you building the form? is it with the built-in contact form?
If so, can you share your RapidWeaver project with us so we can take a look?

Which form plugin? I’ve had this when not using SMTP to send the form. Hit and miss.

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