Email not working for contacts form page in RapidWeaver version 7

Email not working for contacts form page in RapidWeaver version 7. I was told it was a coding issue. No ports are being blocked and no black-lists, for: Any help would be appreciated. The email address is: and, neither works. All settings in RapidWeaver are correct.

I assume it’s your hosting company that is telling you that?

Who is your hosting company?

Do you get any error messages when you Submit?

Hosting Company:

Error message: We can’t determine if an email is being sent from this form. Please try again.

What is the FROM email address set to?
Can you give a screen shot of the email set up UI

We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.

Wow. I received my first email from the site. I used in the setup, settings and it went through for this one guy: asdsaD. Not sure how he slipped through the cracks ‘cause I can’t even send a test email. Can you?

That was probably my testing. Do you have every field marked as required intentionally? Even Attachments!

I didn’t mean to. I can change it. How did you get through?

I filled something in every field including attachment. That’s why you are getting stuff like asdsaD (I just keyed anything in). Unfortunately, the built-in RW contact form doesn’t do a great job of editing and giving good error messages.
Just try to file everything in, including an attachment, and submit. If that works then look in edit mode at the contact form, there’s a checkbox for required.

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Shall do…

NOPE: We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.

Still can’t send a test email.

I just sent you another and got

Thank you, your message has been sent.

And got what?

Yeah…I changed the form to not required, but I still get the error message on my end when sending a test email; however, if it’s going through, then I won’t worry. I just hope it goes through for everyone.

This is what I get when I send it from anything on my wifi network:

We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.

Thank you for visiting the site.

  1. Did you get the email when I sent the form?
  2. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache?
  3. Have you tried a different browser?
  4. Have you tried having someone else send a form from another device?

I can’t get the error message you get. I checked web.coms help area and their knowledge base search function is a joke. I personally haven’t used the built in contact form so I don’t know what messages you normally get with errors.

If you’re not getting the emails from the form after going through the list above you’re going to need to find out where your hosting account keeps the log files, it should have a more descriptive message.

Post screenshots of the settings from your contact form as well.

This is it. I have it in “draft” mode and is not visible on the site because it doesn’t work and is confusing to my family and friends. It’s a shame it doesn’t work. I have another contact me, which is underlined, on each page. It works flawlessly. So, I will have them use that contact form. It’s Just much easier. I don’t want any confusion…Ya know?

Would need to see the inspector settings on the sidebar.
Please answer all 4 questions I post above.

If you’re giving up that’s fine just let us know so we don’t waste time trying to help.

Oh, sorry. Of course I did. That’s the obvious stuff. I’ve been spending hours and hours; not sleeping, trying to get this to work. I don’t have to look at inspector settings, I know them SO well.



No advance email options selected.

Well when you had the page up it didn’t give me the message you’re getting. You said that you got at least one message through.

The screen shot above shows all fields required again.

I know you took the page down since it’s confusing folks, but without a page to test it’s going to be difficult to get help here.

Might contact your host company and find out about where they keep the log files.