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In need for a quick tip :slight_smile:

I’m working on a website where I have to implement my customer’s emailadress in such a way that it is visible by his customers. Not visible on the website itself, but visible in an email app, such as Macmail or Outlook.

What I mean is:
1- Use a contact form on a website: emailadress is not visible
2- Use the emailadress itself on the website, like When you klick on it, an emailapp opens from where you can send an email out of your own system. The emailadress is also visible in the emailapp.
3- I want what happens in point 2, but the emailadress not visible on the website. I want a link text instead like for ex. “email us” or “click”. When you click on it, it opens the emailapp from where you can send an email the emaladress is also visible.

Thanks for any tip here,


Uses mailto: in the link.

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Wow, nice, just what I needed.
Only one more thing when trying this out.
When I change the word -again- into another word, I get -” target=- after the subject name
So changing Hello%20again into Informatie%20aanvraag gives in the subject: Informatie aanvraag ” target=


A big thanks already, :slight_smile:

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I suspect that you are inserting curly quotes instead of plain if pasting, paste as plain text or clear formatting. Without seeing exact line of code I’m guessing here.

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I copy the code into a text stack. Works great. Nothing wrong. Didn’t need to do clear formatting. It works fine.
I change the words Hello & again into Informatie & aanvraag and the thing happens like mentioned above.

Send Mail

Works fine I get in subscription: Hello again

<a href=“” target=”_top">Send Mail

I get in the subscription: Informatie aanvraag” target=

Look at the quotes behind aanvaarg…

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Wow man, this is so weird to me.
I never touched the quotes.
It seems when I change the word again into aanvraag, the quote changes by itself.

All works fine now.

Thanks for the help

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Glad you got it going

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