Email Stacks - Markdown links not visible

I code a link in a Markdown stack as [text]( but it just disappears on preview (internal or external).

In fact if you drag the unmodified Markdown block to the stack it has examples of links and they disappear on preview as well?

Anybody know what is going on with this?

It’s pretty hard to see whats happening without a URL


I wasn’t clear in the body of my post. This is a Markdown block inside and Email Stack so no external url.

Here is the Markdown block before changes. It has link samples in it but they don’t render either.

I’ve just tried adding the markdown stack to one of my email projects. It works fine with the example link you provided in markdown.

Are you using the correct Email Site Styles and theme in your project?

Oh, that’s a whole other thing (email). as @NeilUK states, check your Email site styles, it sounds like the color for links is set to same as background or something similar.

I’ve got a red face on this one :flushed:. I had the main link color set to white (for another block) Should have been blue with white as the alternate. duh.

All fixed. Thanks for the quick reply.

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