Markdown problems

I have added Markdown Stack to a Stacks page but it isn’t showing all the editing functions I see on the various tutorials, such as headings, links, lists etc. The inspector for the stack is there but that is just showing basic text editing such as font size, font weight, line spacing, letter spacing etc.
The bottom of the page buttons for creating links, headings and lists etc are greyed out.
Must be something basic I am doing wrong.
Help would be appreciated.

You just type your markdown in the stack and it converts it to the html equivalent

Thanks for the reply swilliam, but I can’t see any tools for links or headings in the Markdown inspector, and the page inspector for the stack doesn 't have them.
So, if I have typed some text in Markdown, and I select a word, how do I make that a link, or convert it into Heading 1?

You just use the markdown syntax
(Without the ,)
Etc for headings

** for bold etc.

Do you know markdown?
Here is a cheat sheet if you need it

Thanks again for the reply
Got it now
Trouble was I started out with markdown by watching this video which showed text being edited/formatted with various buttons which were’t available in the RW/Stacks version.
A feature request!?
Appreciate the follow up.

@phloque In many ways that’s a non-standard depiction of Markdown. The idea of markdown is to be so simple you don’t need no stinken buttons. :slight_smile:

The problem is that there’s one toolbar for bold, headers, etc. and it’s at the bottom of the RW window. It’s activated for a text stack, but for many other stacks it’s not. If each stack had it’s own toolbar (as in your video example) then I would guess putting in a toolbar for the markdown stack would be easier. But having individual toolbars for each type of stack, I would guess, would be quite difficult.

Joking aside, markdown is a joy to use. Once you get the fundamentals down (which about an hour is all you need to learn) then the rest is very nice sailing.

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The simplicity of the Markdown stack is on purpose. We already have a stack that supports adding styles with buttons: the Text stack. That’s exactly what it does – it’s text stack that supports all the GUI buttons for styling.

I figured those who opted for Markdown really wanted to write in Markdown. :stuck_out_tongue:
That said I know some people like a bit of both, so perhaps there’s some room for that sort of thing in the future. Let me give it some thought.

Until then: if you want buttons, use a Text stack. and if you want to write in Markdown, use a Markdown stack.