Links not appearing or working in HTML Stack

I’m using the HTML 3.0.0 stack on RW 7.5.6 and have a problem with creating links from the Stack:

  1. If I highlight text and use Add Link…from the context menu it appears to let me add the link OK (to an internal or external target). However the text just appears as plain text in preview and doesn’t appear to function as a link. It’s the same if I view in a browser locally.

  2. If I add a link manually (i.e. using an anchor tag + href etc.) it will appear, but RW crashes when I click on it in preview.

External links seem to work OK in the Markdown Stack but internal links are not implemented in the same way as the HTML Stack.

This seems pretty basic and I’m assuming that I’m just doing something fundamentally wrong here. Can anyone shed any light on this?



It sounds like you are not using HTML for links within the HTML stack. You’ll need something of this format:

<a href="url">link text</a>

You’d have to look up how to do the internal link via HTML.

I’m not really sure this is all the best way to do internal links (HTML or Markdown stacks). Perhaps you can provide a link to a relevant URL and describe what you are trying to do there. With internal links you’ll need anchors set up beforehand.

Thanks Mathew - I understand that and I’m using anchor tags and an href for external links, but if the stack doesn’t support the addition of a link via the context menu I’d have thought the functionality would have been removed.

Can anyone tell me if this does actually work somehow, or whether it’s a bug that the action of creating a link via the context menu is possible in this Stack but doesn’t work?

Please update Stacks as well. It’s at version 3.6.6

@boston1832 Exactly my previous point: context menu linking does not work in this case. As you can see it does not produce HTML links in the HTML stack. Use a text stack to accomplsih this. Or use @joeworkman’s great Anchor & Link stacks.

I’d have thought the functionality would have been removed.

@isaiah would have to answer this question for you. But Stacks is not an independent app, it works with RapidWeaver. So it may be the case that the context option for linking is a RW feature that Stacks can not override.

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Sorry, I am on 3.6.6 - I was looking at the version of the HTML Stack. :frowning:

Thanks guys - I’ve achieved what I need now (although not the way I thought I was had to do it).


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