Embedding a RW pge without using an iframe

(Chris Noome) #1

Hi all

I want to embed a RW page in Moodle LMS - but I can’t use an iframe as that will result in links back to moodle pages loading inside the frae (the old infinite mirror problem).

Cutting and pasting the page html doesn’t work because of the links to the stacks, resources, etc.

Anyone got any suggestions please!

Much appreciated.

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

Is PHP an option? I dont know anything about Moodle LMS.

(Chris Noome) #3

Moodle is mysql & php based.

Html can be entered using the atto editor.

Php should not be a problem, though i havent tried that…

Dont know enough php myself to know the required code though…

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #4

Do you have a link to your published pages?

(system) #5

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