Incorporate EXTERNAL webpage without iFrame

We have a RapidWeaver website which we are happy with.

On one page we have a booking system which is an iFrame and displays a booking system created for us by a developer who has no experience or interest in RapidWeaver!

That developer is now about to redo our booking system. Is there any way in which we can incorporate his work without using an iFrame?

We would like to use a tab from within our RapidWeaver theme that takes us to the booking page and then the whole page can be his non RapidWeaver work or his work can be within that page. But must not be an iFrame as his new work will be built outside an iFrame and will be responsive. Our RW theme is responsive also.

Any simple solutions that will allow him to do his work separate to our RW project and then we just incorporate it?

You could use the Offsite Plugin type (comes with RapidWeaver) which will link to the actual website, or you could use something like Joe’s Offsite stack (it does use iFrame though).

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If he supplies you with the code, you could simply paste it into your RapidWeaver project. You could use an HTML page or simply an HTML stack that would contain the PHP or HTML that he gives you. You could then reference any CSS or JS files inside the page Header tab inside the Page Inspector.

Doing it this way would really integrate it directly into your site. Hope this helps!

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Hello - thank you for the thought Joe … and sorry for the delayed thanks, been a manic week.

Yes we can definitely get all the code, but looking at the current version of the booking system it is basically in a folder containing about 300 other files and folders. You can access the whole booking system by running the the index.php file which then, as needed, makes access to various other files or subfolders (e.g. various other php files, images files, js files, css files, ajax files, reading and writing to a MySQL database, etc, etc) all stored in the same directory or various subdirectories from the main index.php directory.

So would this actually be as easy as simply adding the code of the main index.php file into the RW project and applying any CSS required just for that file in the Header tab as you mention … or would it be a hell of a lot more complicated given all the other coding and formatting the rest of his booking system seems to be using?

Or would we somehow need to work out a way to paste in every single file of code into a RW page (together with not only applying the necessary CSS code but also working out how to do things like the necessary calls to the database etc)? That I think would end up being almost impossible a job would it not?

Many thanks for your consideration.

Thanks … I think this may actually be the easiest way (subject to Joe’s thoughts below). I suspect all we would have to do is get him to design the offsite page so it looks exactly like a page on our website, including the navigation bar and then users could easily navigate back and probably wouldn’t see the difference!

@creative, having done this in the past with an open-source calendar/booking system, the answer is “it depends.”

It depends upon whether the pages generated each have their own styling, etc., done in the code, or, if there is a central repository for the styling and the pages do not have individual styling applied.

In the latter case, you would NOT need to copy every file, etc., but simply put your CSS in the relevant location and it should all “just work.”

If the former, well, that’s gonna be a bit of a task to go through and touch the affected pages… :wink: