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I need to build out a training portal on a website. I need to have a link to three courses on the website that I can email to end users as needed and when they click on the link it takes them to the course (with audio embedded) and records that they checked in to the training, completed the training and then sends an email to one of our team to verify that the training was completed. I would also need to run a report at month’s end to identify # trained and names and organization of those that completed training. Is there a Stack or plugin that can do this?

(Jonathan Spencer) #2

Have a look at Moodle. It’s open source so free and is used by many universities and learning platforms around the world. It does take a while to get into but is just what you need to manage online courses.

(Bill Fleming) #3

There is also Canvas

(Barrie McDermid) #4

Can you self host Moodle? The website says there are no costs because it’s open source, but you have to pay for support and hosting.

So there are costs.

(Greg Schneck) #5

It appears you can place Moodle on your own server and self-host. Their hosting and support appears to optional for those who don’t want to worry about backups, db’s, etc.

(Doug Bennett) #6

Like many open source software, it’s free if you have the technical expertise to install and maintain it.
It looks like you can download here:

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