How to integrate an ical calendar into my web site

I am looking for a way to integrate an ical calendar on my site.
I have tried the launcher stack from doobox but without any success apart from showing the link to the specific ical on the page.
I might use the doobox stack wrongly.

I have done it with a Google calendar instead, which works but is not convenient on mobile phones and tablets as it shows only 1 or 2 columns of the whole calendar.

Anyway, if someone will be able to help here your help is highly appreciated.

best regards Olaf

maybe this helps:

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Yes, datesnap, but not dateloom as it is not 100% responsive…


Many thanks, it’s doing what I wanted to archive,


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I was a bit too optimistic when I wrote that it does what I wanted to achieve.

I’d highly appreciate if I can pick your brains to get it working.

I deployed DateSnap (Source) as explained on your website.
The empty calendar is showing up but the appointments newer did.
I have tried multiple versions of .php on my SP’s server (4; 5.4; 5.5; 5.6), but no success

As a workaround I have set up a Google calendar which I got to work after a while, but.
I have set it up to support German language,
Times are still shown in British am and pm format - I need to get this in 24 hour format?
is there a way to modify the presentation of the Google calendar to the format you will see by embedding the calendar through an iFrame (hh:mm Topic)?
Is it possible to have the embedded location map to be presented?
To get a visual idea of what I am telling, please feel free to follow the link below.

I am currently running RW 6.3.8 in combination with Stack 3

Unfortunately the Yabdab team ist on a short vacation and therefore there is no support.