Embedding Open Street Maps

Not a question, but feedback here - like most, I have been using google maps as embeds for years, but a friend specifically wanted to avoid google for his (very simple) website, so a quick search bought up inStacks Open Street Map stack: inStacks Software | OpenStreetMap Stack - Integrate Free Maps

A great fan of open street maps on my phone, this was an obvious choice - the results are fast and very precise, ability to add multiple markers / POIs. Totally delighted, so thanks to inStacks for a great plugin and more to the power of sidelining google!

PS: Slightly off-topic, but it may help some people! If you travel and use an iPhone, this is the best offline mapping product I have ever come across - https://pocketearth.com

for €5/ £4.95 you can download to your iOS device Offline mapping, down to street level(!) for almost any country on Earth - I use it in Africa / Asia / Europe and no roaming data costs.

To be very clear. I pay for all my software, no freebies or referral fees, ever (except Adobe who I work for!).

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