Any good map stacks out there

Any good map stacks out there that don’t require an api key? I’m currently putting together a site for a smallish town and need to add nearly 90 businesses with maps of where they are! No idea how much traffic will pass through the site so I’m a bit reluctant to give google my card details!
Would it be better to embed the maps into each business page? I’ve looked at previous threads on here and although there is a lot of info, so much of it is out of date! Is mapsnap still ok and doesn’t require an api? I also looked at open street maps but the high street I’m doing the site for is well out of date and many shops and businesses on there have changed so it would look weird as many of the businesses don’t exist anymore!

I’ve started using this as a replacement for Google Maps.



Hi Rob

Yes I can see that’s a really good stack but there is shops on there along my high street that have been closed for 3 years! These businesses no longer don’t show up in google maps but they do in OSM! So I’m effectively putting a marker down for a new business over and old one from a few years ago! Which doesn’t look good! Is there anyway of getting rid of all the business information and just having it to show the roads?

Please let me know the detail address. If you don’t want to share in public, via direct message.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

Beat me to it!

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Or, check out the demos on

Esri WorldStreetMap does only include the roads :slight_smile:

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When you say detail address is that for each business or the town? The town is Belper in Derbyshire, UK. If it’s for all the businesses that may take a while to put together as there are about 90 of them!

Yeah, ok, I can see that working :slight_smile: Thank you

Another way to do it, if each map stands on its own, is to use the Big White Duck’s (free) Limelight stack. No google API key is required. You can see it in action here:

  • Click on the link: Show me a map! under the Center Details section

According to the developer API, you still have so supply the API key there also: Panoramica dell'API Maps Embed  |  Maps Embed API  |  Google for Developers

To use the Maps Embed API, you must include a free API key when making a request to the API.

Follow the instructions in the guide to getting an API key to register your app project on the Google Cloud Platform Console, and get a Google API key to add to your app or website.

Interesting. I actually do have a Google Maps API, but for most of my sites, I’m not using it. On this page I’m using the API key in order to display ~30 locations. But, on my individual location pages (e.g., ), I am not.

Perhaps @tav could shed some insight. But, from what I’ve seen, maps displayed in Limelight do not call for the key (unless Tav is using his own…there’s no place in the info panel to input our own).

I’m using the Limelight/maps combo in at least a dozen sites…and all are working fine.

Limelight does not require an API key at all.

Not using that

Nor that.


Your implementation (from ):

<div class="infix-iframe-container" style="max-height: 659px;">
<iframe frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" src=";output=embed"></iframe>

Googles requirements regarding an iFrame embed (from

  frameborder="0" style="border:0"
    &q=Space+Needle,Seattle+WA" allowfullscreen>

Regardless if it works without API key, they state it is needed. I am just the messenger and will not dig into the Google Maps terms what’s allowed and what’s not.

I’d seen that before Dave but hadn’t clocked just how elegant it is. Nice.

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I know what the code looks like surprisingly enough, the point is that it does not use any API features and so does not require an API key.

Citing that page is misleading in this context as I am not claiming that you can provide custom maps without an API key which is what that page describes i.e.

A map built for you


Great! Let’s see how long Google will allow this way of embedding a map.

Absolutely - nothing lasts for ever, especially with Google.


If they ever do require a key, I’m all set. In the meantime, I’m happy as a (Big White) duck to use LimeLight without a key.


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