Embedding Video in RW 6

How does one go about embedding a video file from a third-party into RW 6. I have only Blocks. Thanks in advance.

First, I would highly suggest you get Stacks. By the same developer as Blocks, but it’s a lot lot lot more flexible and it has lots of mini-stacks you can get (most paid, some great ones are free).

By third-party I assume you mean YouTube and Vimeo and the such. All those services provide you with an embed code. I really don’t remember the details of Blocks, but the embed code will work with most types of content areas: HTML, markdown, and I believe also with styled text.


I would second Mathew’s reply. Stacks is essential to get the best from RW, then grab Joe Workman’s HTML5 video stack or a dedicated Vimeo / YouTube stack. it is extremely quick to do.