Embedding an audio and a video

How do I embed a video and/or an audio in a Stacks ? I want users to be able to click on a button and the recording would play.

Same with video.

It’s just easiest to upload the video to YouTube and the use a link or use a stack like this or this.
There are many more each with their own features and some specifically for audio.
Almost all will be set to play by clicking a button or on hover.

Do you have the video on a service like YouTube or Vimeo? If so, you can use the embed code those sites give you, but you need to make sure your theme will make those videos responsive.

If you have a video not on a service, there are a ton of video stacks out there, my favorite is HTML5 Video by Weaver’s Space, but a search of the RapidWeaver Community will give you a bunch of them.

Audio, again I like Weaver’s Space’s HTML5 Audio stack, but again a search of the RapidWeaver Community will also give you a list of ones you can get info on.

Good luck in your hunting!!


Thanks! Will try those!

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