EMBER not working with MOJAVE

@dan I realise that this may no be the place to mention this but I 've just had to buy a new iMac with Mojave - Ember just does not work (It crashes out immeadiately after startup). Is there any possibity that EMBER will be updated to work under Mojave??

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Ember was discontinued 3 or 4 years ago. It will not be updated…

Adobe give you a product called Bridge for free. I’m not sure how it compares to Ember as I didn’t use Ember.

@JohnJ The main purpose of EMBER is screen capture by area, window etc. Whereas Adobe Bridge is a tool to manage your images. Not sa replacement therefore. Shame about EMBER - it worked fine up to High Sierra but MOJAVE it just bombs out.

Apple + Shift + 4 and drag out/round works just as well for me for area or screen capture.

@DaveFox Thanks for that but it doesn’t create a library of screenshots nor are there any tools for adding annotations. The nearest solution is SnapNdrag Pro which goes most of the way, Even so it doesn’t allow capture of entire Web Sites, as did EMBER. Realmac’s first iteration was called Littlesnapper followed by EMBER - I guess EMBER was not comercially successful but I used it all the time

@DaveFox Thanks - I’ve downloaded and will give it a try

There’s also SnagIt which is quite robust. (I’m an educator so I get a hefty discount.) Snagit does lots of things including full web pages.

If you are using Mojave you can set things up so that when you take a snapshot it automatically shows in your bottom right portion of the screen. Click on that preview and you can edit/annotate in Preview. Not as many options as Snagit for annotations, but plenty enough for a lot fo folks. No full webpage though.i

There is also Pixave, which will does everything you are looking for as well, and has a nice ipad app as well

There are actually tools for annotating the screen shots if you use shift-command-5, it is really pretty awesome I could not live without it now that Mojave provides this ability!

I use a program called Droplr. It allows for all types of cool features for screenshots and screen recording. It has an IOS app and a Mac app. It also allows for teams and all kinds of library stuff too. From safari you (or anywhere the share button is) you can share a full screen shot.

I think it is a really cool app.

Yes, but this does not grap a complete page - just the visible area…

If you are a Firefox user, there is a convenient ‘full screen screenshot’ function built into recent versions and ready to use.

Simply right-click anywhere on the webpage. Choose Take A Screenshot in the menu.


In the little popup, choose the type of screenshot you want, like full page:


Then you will finish with a full page screenshot like this:

You can either download it or save it to ‘My Shots’: Take screenshots in Firefox | Firefox Help

I save all screenshots straight to my computer and tag / organise them local into folders from there. Sometimes I use ‘My Shots’ if I might want to quickly share a screenshot by email. They get deleted after 14 days.


There is a free trial although it may not suit your full requirements.

I’m now actually using SnapNGrab Pro which is the closest I can get to EMBER. Mainly I screen grab either windows or areas and then want to keep a library of my grabs. SnapNGrab Pro does precisely what I used EMBER for.

I love Pixave. http://www.littlehj.com/mac/

But do miss Ember…

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@joeworkman Thanks for advice. I purchased Pixave and like it as much as EMBER. It’s a pity Realmac left EMBER to wither on the vine. My initial thought was that it was over-priced in comparison to simliar other apps. I think it would be more successful commercial if priced the same as PIXAVE (@dan)

Droplr absolutely will screenie a full web page… you do that via the share button. It is fully documented on their website.

People should be a little more greatful when people try and help them.

@JohnJ Not quite sure whether you are suggesting I’m ungrateful for advice. I have explored every option suggested on my post and am most grateful for responses. I now have 3 good solutions, including Pixave and Droplr. Thanks to all for suggestions. Like Joe, however, I miss using EMBER.

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