What is the EMBER application?

i have just been checking my desktop and came across Ember application, which says it is a piece of Realmac software … but i can not see any reference to it on their website … can someone remind me what this is meant to actually do, thanks

It was a screenshot/image organizer as I recall. It was discontinued long ago. I suggest you look at SnagIt if you need an app like this. I also really like Droplr. Google will show the way to those apps.

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ok, i will delete it … shame it was discontinued before i ever got round to even trying it (tho that applies to quite a few apps i have bought over the years, partly in support of young coder companies), thanks again

I use Ember each and every day - an awesome image app like no other imho - Realmac issued a version 2 also - both the 1.85 and v2.0 sign together nicely

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