Enable support for SFTP connections using 2fa


For users that have enabled 2fa for SSH/SFTP logins on their server, it would be great if you could add that support to RapidWeaver’s publishing settings. As of now it seems RapidWeaver does not prompt you for the 2fa verification code when trying to connect via SFTP. Instead it just gives an error that says the login details are incorrect. In order to publish your site, you have to publish to a local folder and then use a third party FTP client that supports SFTP logins that have 2fa enabled. It would be more convenient if RapidWeaver could handle this itself so users wouldn’t have to use a third party FTP client to publish.


@realmac possible?

It’s not possible right now, we’d need to make an update to RapidWeaver.

I’ve not heard of of using 2FA in an FTP client, I’m guessing this is something Transmit from Panic supports?

In Version 5, Transmit supports this “2FA/OTP support for SFTP based connections”.

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