TLS 1.2 - can't log in to my FTP

I used to be able to publish my two sites pretty easily, but lately none of my Saved Bookmarks have been working. I keep getting an error that my credentials are wrong.

My host (AT&T / Yahoo / Aabaco) says that TLS 1.2 protocol support is required. I can’t find anything on the RapidWeaver documentation or web site about this compatibility. Is it?

Where your old bookmarks ftp protocol? Transport Layer Security (TLS) Is usually not associated with standard ftp. Perhaps the host is requiring a more secure method. Many are now requiring SFTP or FTPS.

I think so! My settings are FTPS, Extended Passive Mode, SSL for Control.

I think I bumbled on to my issue. I was looking over my settings, clicked on “Click [here] to reset FTP access to entire site” and then tested my bookmark again, and it was successful.

Thanks for you assistance!

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