Endeavor Theme Question

0 Hello everyone.

I’ve bought the Endeavor Theme (http://michaeldaviddesign.com/themes/endeavor/index.html and I think it’s wonderful. On the theme’s web page it shows several sections such as the ones of the image of the rocky beach with the social icons, the iPad on the crate image, and the green tree image. As you notice when you look at it only a section of the photo is displayed and as the site is scrolled the rest of the image is seen.

I’m guessing the images are the ones in the #feature and #extracontainer sections.

but that #stacks_in_ bunch of numbers is beyond my new but growing skills. What does all that mean?

For this theme specifically, the #feature is the main image at the top of the page and the #extraContainer are the other images as you say.

extraContainer is actually “ExtraContent” areas that in this theme display the background image. After placing your image into this area you can use the code on this page http://michaeldaviddesign.com/themes/endeavor/tutorial/index.html (myExtraContent) to display the text/images etc over the top of that image. (Or you can use the extracontent stack)