EC stack sent to bottom of the page


I am trying to update our website to a new (to me) theme, Michael David’s Endeavor. I am trying to use the EC areas to create scrolling/floating text over a background image as in the Endeavor example page ( So I set up a page with the following stacks (

Text (with EC 9 Target for header picture overlay)

3 Column (filled with pictures)

EC (#2, with 3 column filled with text to provide something to scroll over the picture)

3 Column (filled with pictures)

This is all displaying, but the EC always sits at the bottom of the page. I’m aware of some code at the example page that might set or force the position the way I’d like, but I’m not sure if I need another stack or plugin to make this work. Any help is appreciated.

RW 7.5.7, Stacks 4.0.4, Endeavor 1.1.1, Extra Content stack 2.0.0


Not sure if I can help you much. Had a look and the Tutorial from Michael David isn’t much on explaining.

Also, you need to know that the parallax effect (fixed background) on that theme doesn’t work on Mobile(IPad or iPhone and I think Android). It uses a fixed background that iOS doesn’t allow.

There are other stacks available that do that kind of thing. you can also do the fixed background yourself with some CSS.

Thanks for the reply. I do know that the effect won’t work on mobile. It is frustrating that the instructions aren’t a bit more forthcoming! If you could point me towards some similar effects Stacks I would appreciate it.


Here’s a search of the community site.

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