Endeavour by MichaelDavid Design

Hi, very new to website building. I have purchased the Endeavour Website by Michael David Design and I have followed the instruction on how to get images to appear in the website but the box just stays grey and the main banner has a question mark in a little blue box.

I have posted this in the css #feature {background-image: url(%resource(banner1.jpg)%);}

#extraContainer2 {background-image:url(%resource(banner2.jpg)%);}

Is there something I have missed.


Hi, have you placed banner1 and banner2 jpg in the resource panel?

Hi , thanks for you help. I am using rapid weaver 7 and have placed in the resource pannel.

Can you take a screengrab of the resource panel where you dragged the jpgs to?

sorry for the delay… its working for me. Try using a different jpg and name it test.jpg and use it in the code for ex.: #feature {background-image: url(%resource(test.jpg)%);}

Hi, no need to apologise I appreciate you helping me. I have just tired that unfortunately still no imagery comes up. As I am very new to this there is nothing else I need turned on in settings etc to make this work?


The last image attached is what appears at the top of the page and the where the images are meant to be down the page are grey

hmm… i can send you my RW project file and see if you can add your image.

ok lets try that and see if that

can you private message your address or if you feel comfortable please post your address

Have sent email through to you

Hi, this worked perfectly and I tried putting one of my images in and it also worked perfectly. I am not sure what to do now ?

Not sure why it was not working for you before, I didint touch any settings, just dragged the image to the resource panel and changed the name of the jpg in the css to match the jpeg in the resource panel.

Could I send you my copy of endeavour to see if it works for you ?

sure send it, i’ll take a look

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