Endeavour Site Logo - how to take it away?

(Aarne Norberg) #1

I’m just installing the elegant Endeavor theme. I’d like to get rid of the Site Logo completely to get more space for the title. But it seems that I can only replace it with another logo, and it still reserves the space. Is there a way to wipe it out completely?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Put this CSS in the Site Wide Code

#titlelogo {display: none}

That should work for you.

(Aarne Norberg) #3

Thank you, zeebe.
It helped, but your CSS took both the site logo and the site title away.
But then I got reply from Michael David’s office and they gave a CSS that took only the site logo away. That CSS is:

#titlelogo #logo { display:none; }