Site Logo missing

(Chris Jones) #1


I moved my website to a new host - Chillidog

The website is

My theme is Plan by Multithemes - and it is up-to-date

Since moving to Chillidog, My site logo is missing…?

I tried removing it and re-adding it but nothing seems to work…

Could you lend a hand?

(Jason Bostick) #2

Did you try “Republish All Files”? Or if you were comfortable with FTP or using the cPanel file manager, you could go in and manually add it to this folder:

Also, a related item (though not likely relevant to your problem), you have some spaces in your image file name that could probably be removed or replaced with dashes or underscores.

(Chris Jones) #3

Well, Jason, you called it! That did the trick… I actually had 4 logos in that folder so I removed them, renamed and added back one - Done.

Thank you sir!

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