Engineer Theme - Title appears twice on page

(Karl Bundy) #1

The site title appears twice on the page. I want it to only appear once next to logo top left, I also want the title to be bigger.

Can someone help with the CSS code

(Joe Martin) #2

All I see is the logo and the Title once!!

(Karl Bundy) #3

Well I see it twice :slight_smile:

(doug a) #4

I see something like that in Safari, but not in Chrome or Firefox.

You have this in your HTML, though:

<h1 class=“hero-title”>Apexstar Aviation Ltd</h1>

So it looks like you have a title on your banner. Could that be it?

(Karl Bundy) #5

I think that HTML code is direct from Rapidweaver, it has not been input from me.

I have it also in Chrome

(doug a) #6

Here’s an idea, though. Go to “Code” on the pages sidebar, and add this to the CSS tab:

.hero-title {
display: none;


Let us know if that helps.

(Karl Bundy) #7

Thanks Doug that worked, now Can I make it bigger to be a better title

(doug a) #8

My best guess – in the same place you put the other css, put this:

.navbar-title {
font-size: 2.00rem;

That will make it a bit larger. If you think in pixels, you can use this site: to convert pixels to rem.

(Karl Bundy) #9

Doug you are a star, ,many thanks that worked like a dream.

Now the last thing I need is to make the logo slightly bigger. If you look at the site now, the Text is the size I would like I just need to match the size of the logo.

(doug a) #10

I’m sorry to say, I’m not sure how you would solve this one. I’m a beginner in web design in many respects, and the only thing I can think of is to use Mac Preview to actually make the logo file bigger. (I assume it’s the site logo; is that correct?)

Sorry I can’t be of more help on this one.

(Karl Bundy) #11

Thanks Doug, I am a little behind you but learning so much, many thanks.

(Doug Bennett) #12

The image you are using is plenty large enough in fact probably too large: 2667 x 1611. It only has 150 px width to display.
Here is the current CSS:

.navbar-brand img {
   max-width: 150px;
   height: auto;

You can change these values to make the Logo larger.
something like:

.navbar-brand img {
   max-width: 250px;
   height: 120px;

You really should reduce the file size as well. that logo file is 114kb in size.

(Karl Bundy) #13

Teeters, thanks fir that I reduced the size of the logo and that cured the size problem.

Another lesson learnt from the pro’s

(system) #14

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