Entire site changes at once?

Entire site changes at once?

How do I make a change for an entire site at one time?

Example I want to change the URL destination of a nav bar link?

Or add one paragraph to every page?

Is there a stack that helps with this?

Thank you!

Stacks 3 Partials.

its either stacks partials or pluskit it all depends on what your doing.

Thanks for the suggestions

I am typically making websites with static pages: text and photos.

So for example I want to be able to make a navbar link change one time and have the entire site change.

Or add a paragraph of text with or without a photo once and have it be on all pages even if there are thousands of pages.

I also should be able to make a change to just one webpage

If you make a change to nav, add or remove a page or change a page folder the nav bar will change on all pages after you publish again.

If you have a paragraph that you want on every page (or just on more than one for that matter) and want it to change everywhere it is used by changing it just once. Using stacks you would make that content a partial then place that partial where ever you want it to show one time. Then changing that content on any page would change it everywhere. Partials can be made up of any stack or combination of stacks, so it is a very quick and easy way to “build” a repeating page structure or page element.

To give you a simple example, the footer area on this site is a partial with several stacks, it shows site wide but can be changed on any page which would change all of them.


Very cool - I need to study how to create a “partial” and then I am all set it seems.

A long time ago when CSS was becoming popular and tables were dropping out of favor I kept meaning to study CSS but never got around to it.

Now its seems that the current generation of stacks are making life easy and I can focus on having fun and making what I like.

You might also want to look at a CMS. Like Easy CMS, Total CMS, Armadillo or one of the many other ones out there. This way, you can make changes without RapidWeaver.

Also with either Total or Easy CMS, you can give the same CMS ID to many stacks, you make one change in the admin area and all of the pages that have that stack with that CMS ID on it will change to whatever you put there.

Just an idea to think about.

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For managing CSS I have a tool I bought from macrabbit there are other tools this one is just my favourite

Robert and Scott,

Many thanks for the ideas.

I already have stacks 3 but I will also look at the CMS suggestions.

I am in a very good mood now - I love it when software solves my challenges.


Rest assured, you can do what you want and it’s actually quite simple.
I am a big fan of the CMS systems and. In fact, the site I linked to above is almost totally controlled by easy CMS. If You need to change content, without RW it’s well worth checking them out as @zeebe mentioned.

Play around with partials and pick a CMS system you are comfortable with (if needed) and move forward, there is plenty of help available in this wonderful community no matter which way you go.

Feel free to pm me if you need a little more in depth help.

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