Episode 4: Russia connects to you

Episode 4 is now online http://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts/the-rapidweaver-show/4

We discuss how you to speed up your RapidWeaver built sites and answer a couple more user questions :smile:

Go have a listen and let me know what you thought of the show!


Enjoyed the show, but was disappointed there was no singing at the end like usual :wink:

Agreed! Really enjoyed the appearance from @nikf! Great topic and podcast episode today guys.

That was the best episode yet. Lots of good concrete information.

One observation for those who choose to go the CloudFlare route. I’ve found it works really well but there are less problems if your own server is just running a plain install. If you already have lots of bells & whistles like Nginx and Goggle mod_pagespeed installed it can cause conflicts that can catch you out.

I’ll be happy to ask Dan a few questions in Italian :smile:

@dan I know, unfortunately @nikf wouldn’t fulfil his work duties. Unforgivable really.

@ashleykaryl Glad you enjoyed the show, and yes, you need to be careful not to install things in two places!

@ben, @nikf,

Best yet. Thanks. You’re really into your stride now. So informative. Thanks!