Episode 24: RapidWeaver Podcast Review

(Brad Halstead) #1

@ben, @dan, @nikf

Firstly, thank you for continuing to provide this FREE Podcast.

Like the format…

A. Intro
B. Follow-up from Last Week

  • Community Forum main discussion follow-up/explanation

C. RapidWeaver News

  • New Plugins
  • Updated Plugins
  • Announcements

D. Community News

  • New Video’s

E. Topic

  • GitHub (Versioning System)
  • GitHub Client - FREE
  • Tower (GitHub Interface - $89 CDN)
  • Command Line
  • SubVersion (Not as compatible as GitHub)
  • GitHub local or Online for sharing/collaboration
  • Company History of Realmac Software using versioning systems

F. RapidWeaver Tips (& Tricks)

  • Update Plugins! (Stacks, stacks, Themes, RapidWeaver)
  • Using outdated plugins WILL cause crashes in RW
  • Updating RW Crash Reporter to report Plugin names and versions (Completing the circle)

G. Wrap Up


  • Using GitHub, my eyes glossed over a tad lol… personally, a video would be awesome here as discussed :wink: for sure!
  • An alternative might be CodeBox (Code Snippet Manager - Available in MAS $9.99 USD)?
  • Tower looks great though, will update from CodeBox in the future. Thank you for the recommendation!
  • To be honest, this show is likely the least interesting to me (Most Stiff!), I would like the old hour long Podcast with humour and the aforementioned format but add
  • Company Updates
  • Personal Updates as related to Realmac

Happy Weaving :slightly_smiling:

(Christopher Watson) #2

Wow. Just listened to this episode.

Way too much laughing guys. Cut that out pronto.

Cheers for your ears.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

I am still interested if somebody send hot soup for @ben, or which is the current favourite coffee of @dan.

With this, please again a little bit more personal (=humorous) stories, I loved that :sweat_smile:

Jingle Jingle You can’t be everybody’s darling Jingle Jingle

(Jason Bostick) #4

I’m also in the camp that is absolutely fine with some banter, personal stories, and inside jokes. Having said that, getting into a little more structured format (as you’ve done) might help focus things for some. Also, the ‘Tips’ segment is a good addition, and will be particularly useful for when 7 is released.

As for timing/length, make it as long as short as it needs to be that week.

(Dan) #5

Thanks for the feedback guys. Well keep to the new structure and aim to be a little more laid back/fun like previously.

Hopefully we’ll get the format just right soon :slightly_smiling:

Cheers for your ears!

(Brad Halstead) #6


It’s like a pendulum, too far one way, too far the other, eventually settling on a happy medium :slightly_smiling:

Just like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears lol

You’re doing great and it is a serious learning curve for sure… please keep in mind you can’t please everyone all the time, just do the best you can and keep your chin up buddy.


(Dan) #7

Haha, yeah ain’t that the truth!

And don’t worry, we’ll be back to our old selves next week :wink:

(Eric Bowers) #8

I’m thoroughly enjoying the brothers Counsell @dan and @ben busting on each other, and @nikf who also is great at keeping topics relevant and relatable on the podcast. This show is informing the end user, and giving a glimpse into the company dynamic. The more you tell your story through this successful dynamic, the more loyalty from your customers, I believe.

I think that the best way to make a great Rapidweaver show is to keep going with the flow. The one constant is the publishing schedule, and I like that.
Keep us on our toes, while providing great Rapidweaver information. That’s what you’ve been doing.
“Cast” away, gents…

(Brad Halstead) #9


I humbly apologize for my lack of correct wording in my review because it was not accurate and I am sorry if I offended anyone… I DID find it very useful and interesting, I found it very stiff and regimented.

It is amazing how we can go back and sometimes see where we have worded something incorrectly and maybe hurt feelings unintentionally…


(Dan) #10

Thanks everyone :kissing_heart: