Episode 24: RapidWeaver Podcast Review

@ben, @dan, @nikf

Firstly, thank you for continuing to provide this FREE Podcast.

Like the format…

A. Intro
B. Follow-up from Last Week

  • Community Forum main discussion follow-up/explanation

C. RapidWeaver News

  • New Plugins
  • Updated Plugins
  • Announcements

D. Community News

  • New Video’s

E. Topic

  • GitHub (Versioning System)
  • GitHub Client - FREE
  • Tower (GitHub Interface - $89 CDN)
  • Command Line
  • SubVersion (Not as compatible as GitHub)
  • GitHub local or Online for sharing/collaboration
  • Company History of Realmac Software using versioning systems

F. RapidWeaver Tips (& Tricks)

  • Update Plugins! (Stacks, stacks, Themes, RapidWeaver)
  • Using outdated plugins WILL cause crashes in RW
  • Updating RW Crash Reporter to report Plugin names and versions (Completing the circle)

G. Wrap Up


  • Using GitHub, my eyes glossed over a tad lol… personally, a video would be awesome here as discussed :wink: for sure!
  • An alternative might be CodeBox (Code Snippet Manager - Available in MAS $9.99 USD)?
  • Tower looks great though, will update from CodeBox in the future. Thank you for the recommendation!
  • To be honest, this show is likely the least interesting to me (Most Stiff!), I would like the old hour long Podcast with humour and the aforementioned format but add
  • Company Updates
  • Personal Updates as related to Realmac

Happy Weaving :slightly_smiling:

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Wow. Just listened to this episode.

Way too much laughing guys. Cut that out pronto.

Cheers for your ears.

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I am still interested if somebody send hot soup for @ben, or which is the current favourite coffee of @dan.

With this, please again a little bit more personal (=humorous) stories, I loved that :sweat_smile:

Jingle Jingle You can’t be everybody’s darling Jingle Jingle


I’m also in the camp that is absolutely fine with some banter, personal stories, and inside jokes. Having said that, getting into a little more structured format (as you’ve done) might help focus things for some. Also, the ‘Tips’ segment is a good addition, and will be particularly useful for when 7 is released.

As for timing/length, make it as long as short as it needs to be that week.


Thanks for the feedback guys. Well keep to the new structure and aim to be a little more laid back/fun like previously.

Hopefully we’ll get the format just right soon :slightly_smiling:

Cheers for your ears!



It’s like a pendulum, too far one way, too far the other, eventually settling on a happy medium :slightly_smiling:

Just like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears lol

You’re doing great and it is a serious learning curve for sure… please keep in mind you can’t please everyone all the time, just do the best you can and keep your chin up buddy.


Haha, yeah ain’t that the truth!

And don’t worry, we’ll be back to our old selves next week :wink:


I’m thoroughly enjoying the brothers Counsell @dan and @ben busting on each other, and @nikf who also is great at keeping topics relevant and relatable on the podcast. This show is informing the end user, and giving a glimpse into the company dynamic. The more you tell your story through this successful dynamic, the more loyalty from your customers, I believe.

I think that the best way to make a great Rapidweaver show is to keep going with the flow. The one constant is the publishing schedule, and I like that.
Keep us on our toes, while providing great Rapidweaver information. That’s what you’ve been doing.
“Cast” away, gents…

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I humbly apologize for my lack of correct wording in my review because it was not accurate and I am sorry if I offended anyone… I DID find it very useful and interesting, I found it very stiff and regimented.

It is amazing how we can go back and sometimes see where we have worded something incorrectly and maybe hurt feelings unintentionally…


Thanks everyone :kissing_heart: