Error 36 moving the RW file from desktop to server

I found the same issue in the forum back with RW6. maybe this is related to the last update?
If I compress the file I can move with out problems.

Error -36 is the result of moving Mac files/folders onto drives that are formatted for Windows. More specifically for moving “dot files” (e.g. .DS_Store) to a Fat32 drive on which those things may not be allowed.

I see this problem mostly when people have a thumb drive that came pre-formatted for Windows and they try to copy a folder or a “bundled file” (like a RapidWeaver project) to the thumb drive. You’ll see this error then for sure.

This is not a problem with RapidWeaver, the files, or anything else. This is just a fundamental incompatibility between macOS files systems and Windows file systems.

You can get around it by reformatting the thumb drive using Disk Utils to a macOS format – or in the case of a server (that you probably shouldn’t just reformat LOL) zipping files that you copy there first.

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Hi Isaiah,
My configuration is like this for years now and just happen this week, I didn’t notice before.
iMac El Capitan (I didn’t upgrade until I’m sure everything running smooth)
Synology NAS nothing change since…

so this a recent very recent and it’s happening only with my RW file, all the other files I can move easily…
also as I mentioned IF I compress the file the RW zipped get copy with no problem.

Right now I’m copy back from the server to my desktop old RW files. to see and the result I can drop back with no problem.
I even duplicate the file that give me problems and renamed… still give me the error -36.

I also check the privilege… is all red and write.

I bet is related to RW 7.1.7… I can try from another iMac with old RW and see what happen.