Error "Couldn't write the site logo at"

I have 2 computers. Rapidweaver works fine at the main computer. But my MacBook Air is showing me an error message when I try to do a preview for my projects:

I transferred the project from the main computer. Not all resources are available. So I deleted all references. There is no site logo.

What isn’t working here?

Rapidweaver 8.9.1 on some Monterey beta.

If I recall, I’ve had similar situation once, some time ago.

I’ve removed the logo from resources. After that, I had the “site export failed” error message. As soon as I added my logo back, I could export again. I think it is safe to say that logo must be present in resources?


Thanks! After adding a site logo the export works again. RapidWeaver makes the funnest error messages. Is there an official way to report bugs?

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