Error message 'Duplicate Page found on server'

When previewing my site in all browsers, I get the following message,

It says that I can delete using the buttons but, whicj one?
I tried to delete using the button for php but, nothing happens:cry: Am I doing somrthing wrong?
Can someone explain what I should do please.
Ronnie West.

I got the same page.

Use an FTP program (Transmit, Cyberduck) to delete the one that you don’t want. If you don’t have an FTP program, there’s a web based one through your hosting provider.

I can’t advise on the merits of html vs php, but I personally use php on all of my pages.

Certain stacks require that the page be php, the page will automatically change to php when you add one of these.

If you want php perminantly for every new project/page then look in RW preferences and change the default extension from html to php

By default I (and others) set the default extension to php in RW just to alleviate the issue of both a html and php pages being on the server and having to delete one.

If you already have tons of html pages and wish to run php scripts you can typically put a command in your htaccess file to tell the server to process all html pages as php. I had 1700 html pages I didn’t want to rename to .php. Could easily do with a batch file renamer but no so easy in RW… Just google “process html as php .htaccess”

I am not at all familiar with PHP files and do not know of its advantages or disadvantages. Are HTML files the more common choice?

If you use a stack that requires the page to have the extension php then you MUST have it or the stack wont work, in fact I think that no matter how much you try to change it to html it will automatically change back to php.
The files have exactly the same content, only the extension changes.

I’d recommend you change your default extension from html to php in RW preferences and then forget about it forever :slight_smile:

@ronnieboot – PaulRussam is right. You can change your preferences from .html to .php. Just remember, that the change will take effect only for new pages/projects, so in existing pages you will have to change the extension manually.