RW uploads .php and unwanted .html file to server every time site is published

I could not find the workaround using the search but I am sure this must be a known issue and there is a way to correct it…


The only time I have had this issue is when the page name is defined as an html page and it requires a php (in page inspector)… then there is a chance that both get published…

Is this the case for your particular page(s) in question?


Only after creating a new page and making that new page the main/home page did it stop happening. odd

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When you change the file from html to php and you have already published the site, there are both on the server.
RapidWeaver does not delete files when you publish, RW “only” update the website.
Delete the wrong file from the server with a FTP Tool, like Cyberduck etc.
Every browser prefer the html file. That can be a problem, when your startpage is a php file.


really I didn’t know it wasn’t wise to have a php index file for the home page of a site. .
I will mess with things and try to get the main page to be .html soon.

Thanks so much

Who says it isn’t wise to have your homepage as a .php file???

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Nobody, it’s perhaps my English :wink:
A problem is, when both are on the server and you want a php page as homepage!