Duplicate Pages Found on Your Server

I am new to Foundation and trying to construct a website. I have 1 page with Site Styles and a one column foundation stack with a background color. If I preview the page I get an error message.

Duplicate Pages Found on Your Server

Foundation has detected 2 versions of this webpage on the server:

It also has two button to remove the file, but neither function.

I would appreciate any help to get me past this point.

It’s telling you you have an html and a php version - delete the html one

How? The buttons do not function.

Do you have an FTP app? That will do it
Or you can do it with file manager in your web server Cpanel

Can also try closing rpthe project and reopen it again, go to page and hit preview, you should get message and buttons again.

Also may want to be sure your foundation Theme --and-- stacks are up to date.

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Thank you, Scott.

Sorry, but I have one more question. Do I remove every “index.html” file?

Thank you again for your patience and help.

I will attempt to add some context to better help you understand what is going on here.

You have to keep the following in mind:

  1. By default RW makes html pages (you can change this in settings)
  2. By default most web servers wil display an .html page over a .php page if they both exist
  3. RW does not delete any files from your web server, it will only add new ones or overwrite ones that exist
  4. Some stacks require a .php page and some of them actually change it automatically

So that means that if you publish a page as .html and later add a stack that requires php and republish, chances are you will now have both a .html and a .php page.

Since RW does not delete files from your server it is up to you to do the housekeeping. In most cases you will need to get rid of the .html page. But it is possible that you may edit a page and remove a stack that requires php and would work with a .html page as well.

Okay, all that being said, I know of no downside to just making every page a .php weather it needs php to run or not. That’s what I tend to do on all but the simplest of sites. (I just set the site up in RW to use .php)

I hope that helps. - It can be a little confusing…

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Hi @juliesirek,
Sorry I did not see this earlier. Quick question. Have you confirmed that you have your theme set to Foundation?? This can happen if Foundation is not set to your theme. Check that and let me know.


Thank you for your help.
This new site I am trying to construct is unpublished.
I believe “Foundation” is set as my theme.
As I am viewing the source I notice it states that the “Foundation Theme is out of date” and “Foundation theme is not applied”.

Screen Shots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h0yhjuf7mpgq5cd/Screenshot%202016-10-02%2014.04.07.png?dl=0

However, everything checks out as the current versions.
Thank you again for your help and patience.


Get the latest version of the theme here
It is different then the stacks

Hello. Just started testing Foundation, and as I am building a test site for now, I dont want to delete any duplicate pages. How do I get rid of this message which is blocking all my previewing?