Errors in the display

Errors in the display. I used RapidWeaver 6.3.6, 3.0.2 Plugin Stacks and Stack FormSnap 2.1.2. Does not display the contents of the stack FromSnap in edit mode. When a change occurs, and then disappears again. In the settings stack frame is transmitted highlighted. I do not know what is causing the error, appearing in various themes.

@Martin, to me it doesn’t look like you have any fields added to the Base stack which are required for filling out the info for name, address, email address, city, country, postal code, comments, etc. But, I have the same version of RW (6.3.6 GM), Stacks 3.02 and FormSnap 2.1.2 and cannot duplicate your error.


Yes there are the added field (Text, Email, Button). Do not show up and do not edit, preview is fine. I also tried a completely new project and the error is repeated.

@Martin, maybe contact Yabdab support for resolution, they will likely want to see the project file to verify issue.