Missing stack titles within frames

Newbie here.

I’ve just upgraded to RW 8.1.2 and have noticed that the stack frames are missing the titles that used to be included within the frames themselves. For example, using Foundry and the Potion pack, selecting any stack draws the border frame that now contains the “X” in the top left, and “i” in the top right.The middle of the frame is missing the stack name.

Maybe I’ve edited a config setting, but I’m unable to find anywhere where this is possible.

Is it me, RW or the stacks? The stack names appear in all the tutorials, so I’d like them back - really helpful when navigating from stack-to-stack.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I think I know what you mean, but not 100%.

It could be the “View Mode”.


Aaargh! You’re bang on - so it was ME!

Yes - it’s the View Mode - everything seems to look fine now - thanks for the swift response.

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I think for Stacks 4 – we’re just going to remove that “feature”. Most users need this to be on the most-info mode now. And many leave it on the most-info mode so often that it’s confusing when it accidentally gets changed.

It’s rare that software gets simpler as it gets more mature. But this seems like one of those really rare times where the best thing we can do isn’t add on one more thing – but to take away.

OK, I’m done being zen. LOL.

But some more info on Stacks v4 work we’re doing:

We streamlined and modernized the frames. These are very subtle changes. Unless people tell you they’re there, you probably wouldn’t notice.

And finally we tweaked some margin and padding so that even in the most-info mode, you’ll have room for displaying more stacks.

Oh, and dark mode. Dark mode everywhere!!! (user-configurable of course)

Here’s a sneak peek side-by-side comparison old vs. new.


Great to have it user-configurable. That’s a smart move. I wish every developer thinks ahead like this.

Got a release date?

I certainly like the user-configurable dark mode - with Mojave gradually dimming as the sun sets, would certainly be a nice feature to have. It also reminds me to maybe stop working and consider heading off to bed!

I’m a solo developer that maintains 9 active products, a living API, and a helps out a group of developers who are together building well over 1000 stacks. Which is to say: sometimes (often) i get pulled in unexpected directions to put out fires that crop up. I’ve learned that firm schedules are best avoided. They only lead to frustration. :stuck_out_tongue:

Case in point – my tweet from two hours ago:

So, I’m afraid I don’t have a firm schedule. But very soon. We’ll have a period of private beta tests just with the stack developers for them to work out any glitches that things like dark mode may have brought about. That way there should be (with a little luck and elbow grease) fewer bugs in the version that goes out to everyone.

So, we’ve got a little while to go. But it’s definitely getting real.


the default, of course, is just to be light in the system’s light-mode and dark in the system’s dark-mode. a great-for-most-people and simple-to-understand default is the most important feature of any highly configurable widget.

but when it comes to editing web content – that just isn’t enough!!!

as i was building dark mode i found that sometimes i wanted the edit area, and ONLY the edit area, to be light. and sometimes i had just one little bit of markdown on top of a light background – so i wanted that to be dark!!!

my solution is to have some broad configurable switches in the preferences – for example, set the library to always be dark and the edit area to always be light but let the info-sidebar just follow the system.
and then we put a toggle right on the toolbar when you’re editing text – so you can quickly flip when the background and foreground don’t have quite enough contrast.

  • good defaults for new users
  • highly configurable for power users
  • unobtrusive controls for the special cases

you’ll have to tell me how well i did when you see it in action. i can’t wait. :star_struck:


Hey there Bob! Just returned your email you sent me about this same topic this morning. As @NeilUK points out, you’re likely looking for the View Mode settings in Stacks. You’re probably used to using the view mode on the far right…


It provides the title of stacks in the border, like so:

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Cannot await that :star_struck:

If just RapidWeaver 8 had such preferences also… Well, as I am only using Stacks pages, I think I am fine :wink:

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Yes, Adam - thanks to you and those that took the time to respond - it just goes to show the complete newbie in me!

No problem Glad to help out. We all learn by doing, and now in the future if you see someone with that question you can jump in and be the hero! :smiley:

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